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Bambey Art - Full of opportunities

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                                  The Bombay Art Society is a premier art organisation based in Mumbai that was founded in 1888. The Bombay Art Society is a 127-year-old institution founded for encouraging art and for educating people to appreciate it. Almost all renowned artists on India's art scene have been associated with the Society in some way. The society boasts of a rich past though its members and there is no denying its historical context and it is against this that the Bombay Art Society's greatness can be best understood.

Bambey Art - History

                                  For some five or six years after the foundation of the Society in 1888, the Exhibits of the European Artists preponderated over those of the Indian Artists as shown by the catalogues of the Annual Exhibitions. This was natural as The Sir J.J. School of Art was then in its first stages of development, but in course of time as taste for the acquisition of art as a profession was developed under able Principals of the School of Art, like Messrs. Terry, and Griffiths, and by the publicity given to Indian Artists by the Bombay Art Society, the School of Art produced a band of Indian Artists, whose works can be compared most favourably with those of European Artists. The number of works by Indian Artists exhibited in subsequent years at the Society’s Annual Exhibition later considerably increased and secured many medals and prizes. It was quite an achievement for Indian Artists under British Rule.

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